Retaining a Texas Criminal Justice Lawyer

People aren’t meant to be jailed and caged like animals, but that’s precisely what will happen if you’re accused of a crime and not represented by a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, TX that has experience fighting the government on behalf of the citizenry.

If you live in Houston, Harris County, Brazoria County, Galveston County, Montgomery County, Liberty County, Waller County, Fort Bend County, or anywhere else in or near the Houston area, then you know how ferocious law enforcement agencies can be. It’s easy to get arrested.

You could be driving the Southwest Freeway in southwest Houston and the next thing you know you’ve been stopped by a Houston Police Department officer, charged with a crime, and jailed at the Harris County Jail in Downtown Houston. This is a frightening experience for first-time offenders and juvenile criminals alike. Once you’re given a bond amount and manage to post bail, you’ll need to secure an attorney to prepare for your initial court hearing at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center on Franklin St.

Looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Consider Jack B. Carroll & Associates

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Finding the best criminal justice attorney in Houston to represent is no easy task, but if you’re considering hiring Jack B. Carroll & Associates to represent you on your case, you’ll be in good hands. Finding the top lawyer for your case can include lots of legwork. You’ll be spammed by law firm mailers advertisements the second you get home. Some of those law firms are good, but in reality, the top law firms don’t need to mail spam people because they’re usually too busy with existing clients who need their legal representation. If you don’t retain Houston criminal defense attorney Jack B. Carroll for your felony or misdemeanor case, be sure to find an equally qualified lawyer to represent you.

If you or a family member were accused of possession of marijuana, banned chemicals, cocaine, heroin, narcotics, illegal prescriptions, heroin, or meth, you’ll be better off with a Houston drug crimes lawyer than with a general practice lawyer.

Being arrested for sexual assault, possession of child pornography, aggravated sexual assault, or child molestation means you’ll need a Houston sex crimes lawyer on your side.

The same is true of theft crimes. If you’re arrested for shoplifting, theft, auto theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, burglary, robbery, or aggravated robbery, you’ll need a Houston theft crimes lawyer.

Although criminal defense is criminal defense, there are different nuances of the law that apply the craftsmanship of a solid defense strategy that’s particular to the defendant, the crime, and the attorney. With a smart lawyer like Attorney Jack B. Carroll on your side, you could have been charged with robbery or found to be in possession of cocaine, and we’ll still have a strong fight and a solid argument that will imply reasonable doubt.

The job of a professional criminal justice barrister is to create reasonable doubt and get the jury to issue a non-guilty verdict.

Texas and Criminal Law

Our State Loves to Prosecute

In these United States, numerous states are tough on crime, but no state in the federal union tops the State of Texas. With an existing death penalty combined with a spine and a will to use it, the State of Texas often leads the nation in the number of death penalties carried out. We handle capital murder cases on a regular basis; we’re willing to defend anyone charged with murder, manslaughter, murder for hire, the murder of a public servant, assault, and aggravated assault.

Any form of assault other than simple assault is a felony in Texas. You’ll need to contact Attorney Jack B. Carroll or another experienced criminal lawyer in Houston immediately after an arrest.

Finding the Best Criminal Lawyer in Houston

A number of Houstonians would prefer to hire the best criminal lawyer in Houston to represent them on their case, but they need to know in which area of the law they perform at their best.

Are they good a criminal defense lawyer, but best at taking your money? Are they the best at not showing up in court on time? Prior to hiring the best criminal defense attorney in Houston, you’ve got to have some idea of what type of cases they’re best at handling. They might be best at advertising.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll and the staff of Jack B. Carroll & Associates are the best lawyers in Houston when it comes to being attentive to the needs of our clients, actively listened to them, investing their side of the story and kicking ass in court.

Getting to Know Jack B. Carroll

A Board Certified Texas Criminal Law Attorney

Attorney Jack B. Carroll is a proud member of the Texas Bar, a Board Certified Criminal Defense Law Attorney, and a studied criminal case litigation professional. Born and raised in Houston, TX, he’s uniquely qualified to represent people who were charged with serious crimes, as well those charged with seemingly minor misdemeanor offenses. We’re also serious about representing juvenile offenders because we know how easy it is to be prosecuted for a crime in Harris County, TX, and the effect that such a criminal prosecution can have on the future of young Americans.

Even in cases in which our clients come to us looking to have their criminal records sealed, we’re ready to provide legal representation and execute immediate litigation to achieve the goals of our clients.

Our office is located in Downtown Houston at 1419 Franklin Street, and our phone number is 713-228-4607. We’ve never let a client down, and we have no intention of doing so. No matter how serious you think your case is, or how poor you think your chances are of acquittal, with us as your criminal law counselor, you can be positive about the possibilities.

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