Obey The Law, or Be Caged Like an Animal

Below is a video produced with footage from the Utah State Prison. The first thing you’ll notice is a young female criminal prisoner who likes to hurt people and see blood squirt out of their bodies. If you are considering a murder, or other felony, we recommend reviewing the video below and asking yourself one simple question, “Do I want to be in prison?”. I don’t think the answer to that question could possibly be “yes”.

Also in the Prison Documentary

  • A review of prison gang life.
  • The Utah State Prison houses women and men.
  • Prisoners have no trouble getting their hands on tobacco and drugs.
  • Most new inmates, who are not part of a gang, are usually in one by the time they get out of jail.
  • It is not uncommon for inmates to die in jail.
  • One of things Utah State Prison officials do to prevent violence is separate the gangs.

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