Insight into Being a Private Investigator

Most people have read a novel or watched a movie revolving around private investigations. Such scenes and narrations depict the work of private investigators as dangerous and requiring only roughnecks to carry out the task. Such depiction is not always right, and there is more to private investigation.

The Profession of Private Investigator

Private investigators are intelligent, talented and experienced professionals having roots in other various fields of employment. A majority of them are ex-military personnel, former law enforcement officers, and retired government agents. Some transcend from other professionals such as accounting, finance, investigative reporting, law, insurance, commercial credit, etc. Such individuals apply their experience and skills in a field of inquiry related to their past work and become experts in that area.

Their Work and Who They Work For

Private investigators conduct investigations for business, organization or even private individuals. They help their clients find answers and address concerns of their interest. They can also work for lawyers in a court case on behalf of a defense counsel or client. Many private eye firms work for insurance companies to interrogate suspicious insurance claims for their client. Some people will hire a private investigator in Houston to look for evidence of adultery or misconduct within a marriage to establish the basis for divorce and child custody. Some researchers conduct process serves, skip tracing and in the course of locating missing persons.

Private Investigators Have Areas of Specialty

As a business, many private eye agencies specialize in a particular field of expertise. Some specialize in fraud investigation, computer forensics, surveillance, corporate espionage, tracing missing persons just to mention a few areas. Professional investigators seek and forward the collected information to the client without prejudice and opinion. The principal purpose of the investigation remains to uncover and provide essential facts and forward the data confidentially to the customer.

Private Investigator Work “All the Time”

Private detectives often find themselves working during irregular hours depending on the needs of their case. Such needs surveillance and contacting individuals who are unavailable during regular working hours. Therefore, private investigators will work early mornings, evenings, nights as well as during weekends and holidays.

Most of them work away from the office conducting interviews and surveillance. However, some have to work in the office making phone calls and doing computer searches. Those running an investigation agency and employ other investigators work majorly in the office within regular working time.

Some tasks require the detectives to arm themselves. Such situations include bodyguard assignment for celebrity or corporate clients. The relevant authority must license a private investigator for them to carry a firearm while on duty. However, many do not require a weapon, especially because the work requires collecting information and not criminal apprehension or law enforcement.

Private Detectives Require Licensing

To carry out their work, private investigators must acquire a permit from their state. Many countries have enacted legislation that governs the private investigation business in their states. Some states, however, don not require such licensing.

The Work Demands Patience

Patience is an essential tool to any private investigator. Detectives spend a lot of time on surveillance and field activities. They spend plenty of time following target individuals to provide their client with information. They also spend hours on the computer looking up information crucial to a case.

Movies and books dramatize the private interrogator job, but it is not all glamor. There is some danger associated with the job mainly because the job involves confrontation now and then. However, private investigators hardly encounter any physical harassment that can cause bodily injury while on their job. A significant advantage when compared to the government agencies is that private investigators are more anonymous than government personnel.

Insight into Being a Private Investigator

Best Practices After a Houston Car Accident

When a person is involved in a car accident it can prove to be a highly unfortunate incident for all parties that are involved. Car accidents happen all the time in Houston, Texas making the need for people to, at least, have a basic understanding of best practices as it relates to the aftermath of a car accident, an item of importance.

Stay Relaxed After a Houston Car Accident

One of the main things you can do if you’re involved in a car accident is to remain relaxed, and do the best you can to avoid becoming upset with other drivers that may be involved. By remaining calm you are assuredly not acting as your own enemy, and you’ll be better able to assist any injured parties who may have been involved in the car wreck. Also, the last thing you need is to be pissed off when the Houston Police Department shows up to investigate the accident scene.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Experienced lawyers always recommend that you make your first phone call to 911 in the event that anyone involved suffered injuries. Make sure you wait for ambulance assistance before leaving the scene.

If You Can Steer It, Clear It

Move your vehicle out of the danger zone. In post-accident situations some people inadvertently exit their vehicle right after it’s settled, but this is a bad idea. If your vehicle is still in lanes of moving traffic after an accident, and it is drivable, then it is okay to move the vehicle into a safe zone like a highway shoulder. Doing so will cut down the chances of residual automobile accidents, and help to avoid additional personal injuries among motorists and passengers.

Never Admit Fault to Houston Police

When you talk to the police do not admit fault. Your novice opinion means nothing with regard to the severity of the situation at hand especially considering legal liability laws in the state of Texas. Speaking in such a manner could put you and your insurance company at extreme legal risk in the event that a tort claim is needed, and the case goes to trial.

What if you thought it was your fault, but the evidence indicated otherwise?

This is exactly why you should keep your mouth closed about what you think may have caused the accident until you speak with a car accident attorney in Houston that has experience litigating claims of such a nature.

A Recommended Houston DWI Case Lawyer

A smart DWI defense and criminal law expert in Houston is the best option you’ll have if you’ve been charged with “Drunk Driving” anywhere in Harris County, Texas. For one thing, there is a strong chance you’ll be assessed a fine if you’re found guilty in the court of law in the Houston area. If you’re assessed any form of financial penalty, this could cause some difficulty paying everyday bills such as an electric utility invoice or other personal bills.

Hiring a DWI Defense Lawyer in Houston

In Houston, people generally hire Houston DWI defense specialist Tad A. Nelson when they’re looking for the best lawyer to defend them from prosecution in the court of law. One thing is for sure, the possibility of jail time is serious, making the need for competent legal representation an obvious imperative. An attorney who isn’t known for being loquacious, he knows when and how to articulate arguments on behalf of his clients when the situation justifies it.

For more information about how Attorney Tad A. Nelson can help you fight DWI charges in Houston, call 713-489-7373 or visit the office using the map below.


Texas Drunk Driving Convictions

When a person is convicted for Driving While Intoxicated in Houston, they’ll be fined, jailed in most cases, and will lose their Texas Driver License. An undesirable fate like this can be avoided when the defendant is represented by a DWI defense attorney that’s skilled with DUI defense. A good DUI lawyer understands the nuances associated with the biochemical evidence that will be used by prosecutors in Harris County to pursue a conviction of the accused.

Misdemeanor DWI

For individuals arrested for driving while under the influence of drug or alcohol on a first or second occasion, the state of Texas will classify their offense as a misdemeanor offense.

Special Note: If the person suspected of drunk driving had BAC over 0.15, Texas law demands enhanced criminal classification which could result in the enhancement of a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated offense to that of a felony.

Felony DWI

However, in the event that a person is arrested for drunk driving a third time, they’ll face State Jail Felony charges at a minimum. A conviction for a third or more DWI offense can mean a 6-month minimum jail sentence, and you’ll have a felony on your record. Attorney Tad A. Nelson, a skilled criminal defense lawyer for individuals accused of driving while impaired, is one of the best options for legal representation. He’ll scrutinize the evidence in your case, examine the history and training of the officer, ensure that the testing equipment is up to code, and will review the legality of the generating traffic stop. Tad Nelson is the real deal.

Administrative License Revocation Hearings

Fighting the Suspension of your Texas Driver License

Before the court date for the originating DWI offense, the State of Texas will move to have your lawful right to drive and operate a motor vehicle suspended. This process is complete in an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing. Tad Nelson, a top-rated Houston ALR lawyer, has helped thousands of Texas to avoid having their Texas Driver License suspended in this manner. In fact, succeeding in the ALR hearing will pay positive dividends in your criminal case. The ALR hearing is a civil matter that can impact the criminal case.

If you need to talk with a skilled Houston drunk driving lawyer about your case and possibilities for getting the case dismissed, call Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson immediately at 713-489-7373.

Facing Trial Due To a Drug Case?

Having the police arrest and charge you with a criminal offense related to drug crimes is one thing, but having to appear in court and attempt to fight the allegations is a different matter altogether. Its important to hire an attorney who knows your rights, that is aware of the current search and seizure laws as they are, or may be, applicable to your case, and is willing to fight on your behalf as the attorney of record in your case.Crack Cocaine

We strongly recommend talking with a lawyer if you have been arrested for a criminal offense relating to illegal narcotics in any way.

In Houston, criminal defense lawyers have represented thousands of people accused of drug crimes including people who have been caught with small amounts of marijuana on up to persons busted with, or accused of having thousands of kilos of illegal drugs like cocaine in their possession.

At the end of the day, police and law enforcement officers have never been free of making mistakes or violating the Constitution during their law enforcement efforts meaning their is a real chance that a criminal defense lawyer will be able to stand in your corner, defend you, and have a good shot of winning at trial.

Crime, Drugs, and Houston, Texas

Any criminal defense lawyer in Houston will tell you that they see no shortage of criminally charged clients coming into their law offices from the confines of the drug-crime subculture in Harris County, TX. If you take the 44 minutes out of your day to watch the video presentation produced by National Geographic, which is featured in this blog posting, you’ll see first hand why this is the case.

The city of Houston, like all the rest of the major cities in our country, is a high crime drug area laden with the criminally charged, crimes in progress, drug subculture, and police officers whose jobs consist of looking to make arrests of people suspected of felony crimes, misdemeanor criminal offenses, and federal crimes. Any one person looking to be the best criminal defense lawyer in Houston has a lot of opportunity to hone their craft and sharpen their skills as an attorney.

The documentary presentation below takes us into 5th Ward, Houston, TX to start, and gives us a look at the night life on Houston’s streets with the capturing of a violent assault at a gas station to get things moving. Most drug dealers and people involved in the illegal industry of manufacturing and delivering illegal narcotics are doing what they feel they need to do to survive.

In many cases, “doing what they need to do to survive” involves breaking Texas criminal law, being arrested by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy or Houston Police Officer, being jailed for the crime, and either fighting your case from jail, or bonding out of jail and hiring a criminal defense attorney to fight any criminal charges against you.

Make no bones about it, the information about the drug culture and criminal underworld highlighted in the movie featured is mostly accurate, astonishingly.

Saving Money for a Criminal Defense Lawyer

As you can see in the interview of the crack dealer, he saves his money because he knows that eventually he will get busted by law enforcement for a felony drug crime related to his dealing of crack cocaine. He knows the he will need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent him in court once he is busted so he saves a lot of the money from the proceeds of his cocaine enterprise in preparation of retaining a criminal defense attorney.

Respectably, he is well aware of the risks associated with the criminal enterprise he is engaged in, and only cares about making money. “Otis” mainly cooks cocaine and turns it into crack so he can sell it to addicts on the streets. They feel that corners are like gold and once they have a good reputation, drug dealers will fight to control certain corners.

Also, he levies charges on drug dealers for the right to sell cocaine on “his corners”. The drug dealer also engages in the business of fronting crack-cocaine to drug dealers on credit. If they don’t pay him what is owed, he is ready and willing, to commit assault with a deadly weapon as a form of street justice. Its a way of penalizing those who would disrespect his block by not paying crack corner lease fees or paying their debt for the crack cocaine consignment.

Most Cocaine in Houston Comes From One Source

Enter Manolo, a drug trafficker in Houston, Texas who is connected with the Mexican drug cartels. The cartels are all over Houston and people you would never image to be involved with them, are members. In Houston, the Gulf Cartel and the Los Zetas Mexican drug gangs control the cocaine market and the drug trade in Houston.Houston criminal defense lawyer for drug crimes

These Mexican drug gangs will not hesitate to kill in order to defend their drug businesses and normally do so on a regular basis. Manolo brings in 100’s of thousands of kilos in each monthly shipment of cocaine. Its doesn’t seem like the law enforcement in Houston can do anything about it and the federal government is certainly not in the business of stopping the drug trade in America, nor the drug war.

In one case, a drug cartel hit squad intercepted a multi-ton marijuana delivery being carried out by a police informant and killed him during broad daylight on the beltway. They stopped the truck on the freeway by slowing down an SUV in front of the 18 wheeler and when he stopped the rig, four men got out and killed the police informant drug dealer.

Arrested in Houston? Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Prison sentences for anyone arrested for a drug crime in Houston can be harsh if the alleged offender is found guilty in the court of law. The worst mistake a person can make is to get involved in the drug culture, become a drug addict, or even worse, get killed or sentenced to a lengthy prison term by the unforgiving judges and jurors who make up the criminal justice system in Texas.

A Houston Drug Charge Criminal Defense Lawyer is Best

In the event that your are arrested for a drug crime in Houston, its best to work with an attorney who has experience defending the rights of people who are accused of criminal offenses involving illegal drugs aka controlled substances.

There are a number of ways to find a decent lawyer. We recommend looking for a board certified criminal defense lawyer as they will be best suited to defend your freedom in the court of law. Drug crime offense sentencing in Houston can range, for felonies, anywhere from 6 months to 99 years depending on the charge, so having a criminal defense lawyer adept at fighting criminal charges will serve you best if you get in trouble with the law.