A Recommended Houston DWI Case Lawyer

A smart DWI defense and criminal law expert in Houston is the best option you’ll have if you’ve been charged with “Drunk Driving” anywhere in Harris County, Texas. For one thing, there is a strong chance you’ll be assessed a fine if you’re found guilty in the court of law in the Houston area. If you’re assessed any form of financial penalty, this could cause some difficulty paying everyday bills such as an electric utility invoice or other personal bills.

Hiring a DWI Defense Lawyer in Houston

In Houston, people generally hire Houston DWI defense specialist Tad A. Nelson when they’re looking for the best lawyer to defend them from prosecution in the court of law. One thing is for sure, the possibility of jail time is serious, making the need for competent legal representation an obvious imperative. An attorney who isn’t known for being loquacious, he knows when and how to articulate arguments on behalf of his clients when the situation justifies it.

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Texas Drunk Driving Convictions

When a person is convicted for Driving While Intoxicated in Houston, they’ll be fined, jailed in most cases, and will lose their Texas Driver License. An undesirable fate like this can be avoided when the defendant is represented by a DWI defense attorney that’s skilled with DUI defense. A good DUI lawyer understands the nuances associated with the biochemical evidence that will be used by prosecutors in Harris County to pursue a conviction of the accused.

Misdemeanor DWI

For individuals arrested for driving while under the influence of drug or alcohol on a first or second occasion, the state of Texas will classify their offense as a misdemeanor offense.

Special Note: If the person suspected of drunk driving had BAC over 0.15, Texas law demands enhanced criminal classification which could result in the enhancement of a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated offense to that of a felony.

Felony DWI

However, in the event that a person is arrested for drunk driving a third time, they’ll face State Jail Felony charges at a minimum. A conviction for a third or more DWI offense can mean a 6-month minimum jail sentence, and you’ll have a felony on your record. Attorney Tad A. Nelson, a skilled criminal defense lawyer for individuals accused of driving while impaired, is one of the best options for legal representation. He’ll scrutinize the evidence in your case, examine the history and training of the officer, ensure that the testing equipment is up to code, and will review the legality of the generating traffic stop. Tad Nelson is the real deal.

Administrative License Revocation Hearings

Fighting the Suspension of your Texas Driver License

Before the court date for the originating DWI offense, the State of Texas will move to have your lawful right to drive and operate a motor vehicle suspended. This process is complete in an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing. Tad Nelson, a top-rated Houston ALR lawyer, has helped thousands of Texas to avoid having their Texas Driver License suspended in this manner. In fact, succeeding in the ALR hearing will pay positive dividends in your criminal case. The ALR hearing is a civil matter that can impact the criminal case.

If you need to talk with a skilled Houston drunk driving lawyer about your case and possibilities for getting the case dismissed, call Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson immediately at 713-489-7373.

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