Insight into Being a Private Investigator

Most people have read a novel or watched a movie revolving around private investigations. Such scenes and narrations depict the work of private investigators as dangerous and requiring only roughnecks to carry out the task. Such depiction is not always right, and there is more to private investigation.

The Profession of Private Investigator

Private investigators are intelligent, talented and experienced professionals having roots in other various fields of employment. A majority of them are ex-military personnel, former law enforcement officers, and retired government agents. Some transcend from other professionals such as accounting, finance, investigative reporting, law, insurance, commercial credit, etc. Such individuals apply their experience and skills in a field of inquiry related to their past work and become experts in that area.

Their Work and Who They Work For

Private investigators conduct investigations for business, organization or even private individuals. They help their clients find answers and address concerns of their interest. They can also work for lawyers in a court case on behalf of a defense counsel or client. Many private eye firms work for insurance companies to interrogate suspicious insurance claims for their client. Some people will hire a private investigator in Houston to look for evidence of adultery or misconduct within a marriage to establish the basis for divorce and child custody. Some researchers conduct process serves, skip tracing and in the course of locating missing persons.

Private Investigators Have Areas of Specialty

As a business, many private eye agencies specialize in a particular field of expertise. Some specialize in fraud investigation, computer forensics, surveillance, corporate espionage, tracing missing persons just to mention a few areas. Professional investigators seek and forward the collected information to the client without prejudice and opinion. The principal purpose of the investigation remains to uncover and provide essential facts and forward the data confidentially to the customer.

Private Investigator Work “All the Time”

Private detectives often find themselves working during irregular hours depending on the needs of their case. Such needs surveillance and contacting individuals who are unavailable during regular working hours. Therefore, private investigators will work early mornings, evenings, nights as well as during weekends and holidays.

Most of them work away from the office conducting interviews and surveillance. However, some have to work in the office making phone calls and doing computer searches. Those running an investigation agency and employ other investigators work majorly in the office within regular working time.

Some tasks require the detectives to arm themselves. Such situations include bodyguard assignment for celebrity or corporate clients. The relevant authority must license a private investigator for them to carry a firearm while on duty. However, many do not require a weapon, especially because the work requires collecting information and not criminal apprehension or law enforcement.

Private Detectives Require Licensing

To carry out their work, private investigators must acquire a permit from their state. Many countries have enacted legislation that governs the private investigation business in their states. Some states, however, don not require such licensing.

The Work Demands Patience

Patience is an essential tool to any private investigator. Detectives spend a lot of time on surveillance and field activities. They spend plenty of time following target individuals to provide their client with information. They also spend hours on the computer looking up information crucial to a case.

Movies and books dramatize the private interrogator job, but it is not all glamor. There is some danger associated with the job mainly because the job involves confrontation now and then. However, private investigators hardly encounter any physical harassment that can cause bodily injury while on their job. A significant advantage when compared to the government agencies is that private investigators are more anonymous than government personnel.

Insight into Being a Private Investigator

All Hope Is Lost For America

There are number of people who find themselves arrested for a smorgasbord of different types of criminal offenses every day in Houston, Texas.

One of the things that these people have in common is that they are predominantly minorities, and they come from neighborhoods where being a criminal is something to be proud of.

Some of these idiots even feel that going to jail is some sort of right of passage. This is not only the case in Houston, but is the case in every major city in the United States of America, and increasingly so; small towns. We lost the medium-sized cities years ago.

What can we do to fix this situation? I don’t know. But with government involvement in the schools being an abject failure, the first step would be to stop the bleeding and get the federal government out of the education system.

After all, the United States’ government went the way of fascism decades ago and that fact doesn’t bode well for education.

But don’t be alarmed fellow Americans, many, many great nations have fallen long before the rise of these United States of America. The best you can do is clutch your guns and Bible’s and hope like hell this next president, after Obama, is nothing like him in that they keep with the Constitution of the United States of America, and hopefully enforce the damn thing.

That’s my take for today, thanks for reading.

Obey The Law, or Be Caged Like an Animal

Below is a video produced with footage from the Utah State Prison. The first thing you’ll notice is a young female criminal prisoner who likes to hurt people and see blood squirt out of their bodies. If you are considering a murder, or other felony, we recommend reviewing the video below and asking yourself one simple question, “Do I want to be in prison?”. I don’t think the answer to that question could possibly be “yes”.

Also in the Prison Documentary

  • A review of prison gang life.
  • The Utah State Prison houses women and men.
  • Prisoners have no trouble getting their hands on tobacco and drugs.
  • Most new inmates, who are not part of a gang, are usually in one by the time they get out of jail.
  • It is not uncommon for inmates to die in jail.
  • One of things Utah State Prison officials do to prevent violence is separate the gangs.

Facing Jail Time in America

If you have done the unthinkable, and committed a criminal offense, you can look forward to the full brunt of the legal system coming down on “little ole you” like there is no tomorrow. court-room-USA

It can seem like a lot, especially when your life is handing in the balance. One thing that you can be sure of is that having a criminal defense attorney on your side is step in the right direction as far as giving yourself the best chance to get a decent ruling from a criminal court is concerned.

Criminal cases can destroy families, careers, and social standing. If think you are under investigation for a criminal offense, we highly recommend that you talk with a competent legal professional that will act in your best interest.

Criminal Charges are Serious Business

Get arrested in Texas for a felony offense and you’ll need someone in your corner that knows how to stand up to the criminal justice system in order to stand a chance of coming out of court without jail time and a criminal record that won’t serve any possible good in your life.

In Houston, there are a number of good criminal defense attorneys ready, able, and willing to help you beat, or at least put up a reasonable defense, to a criminal charge.

A friend of mine, who claimed to have a certain disdain for attorneys, ending up attempting to represent himself in the court of law and was literally crucified by opposing counsel. Don’t be silly, always seek the help of a qualified attorney when facing criminal charges.