10 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need a 800 Number

You could turn the world into your office with a 1-800# and run your business using cell phones.

Its true.fotoguy

I also wanted to share my very own top 10 reasons Small Business owners should have a toll free phone number for their business, and more importantly, there customers and clients.

Why You Need a Toll Free 800 Number

  • Choose a Vanity number (1800-mybusiness)
  • Run your business from anywhere
  • Keep costs low and affordable
  • Use you cell phone to run your business rather than being stuck in the office by the phone
  • Manage your voice mails, and other features online.
  • National projection – You look more national, and serious, than a small business
  • Use unlimited extensions for multiple departments
  • No need to worry about long term contracts
  • Receive faxes anywhere
  • No hardware to purchase or install.

As you can see, now its easier, and cheaper than ever to have a toll free 1-800 number for your business. To learn more about getting to toll free 800 number for your small or local business, click here.

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