Obey The Law, or Be Caged Like an Animal

Below is a video produced with footage from the Utah State Prison. The first thing you’ll notice is a young female criminal prisoner who likes to hurt people and see blood squirt out of their bodies. If you are considering a murder, or other felony, we recommend reviewing the video below and asking yourself one simple question, “Do I want to be in prison?”. I don’t think the answer to that question could possibly be “yes”.

Also in the Prison Documentary

  • A review of prison gang life.
  • The Utah State Prison houses women and men.
  • Prisoners have no trouble getting their hands on tobacco and drugs.
  • Most new inmates, who are not part of a gang, are usually in one by the time they get out of jail.
  • It is not uncommon for inmates to die in jail.
  • One of things Utah State Prison officials do to prevent violence is separate the gangs.

The Prosecution of White Collar Crimes in America

Do you notice the fall of the numbers in the prosecution of white collar crimes? After Enron, the FBI’s prosecution of white collar criminals in corporate America seems to have tapered off dramatically.

I think we all need to take a moment to think about why, and how, this level of non law enforcement has been allowed to take place. Have we become completely corrupted as a society and a government? How is it fair to say the government is corrupt when the people who run it are from our own cities and neighborhoods? Or are they?